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MIL PRF-680 type 1 Approved cleaning solvent

Samsol T-1 solvent was formulated to meet extremely strict military environmental specifications under MIL PRF-680. Type 1. This military specification is approved and widely used by all branches of the military, most aerospace OEMs and MROs including Airbus, Boeing, CFM, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce and many others for a wide variety of routine aerospace and military cleaning applications.

Type 1 solvents have low flash points and extremely low non-residual odour. The Type 1 solvent evaporates more rapidly than the other MIL-PRF-680 types so it is the preferred solvent to use for manual cleaning The product will effectively remove a wide range of soils such as grease, lubricants, coolants, oils, and particulate matter. It is compatible with metal substrates and many plastics and elastomers.

  • MIL-PRF-680 Type 1 on Qualified Products List (QPL DS0025)
  • Airbus Consumable Materials List (CML) (ref. MIL-PRF-680)
  • Airbus A330 Maintenance Manual Item 11-002 Dry Cleaning Solvent (ref. MIL-PRF-680)
  • Boeing BAC 5750 Solvent Cleaning (optional to PD-680 specification) (PSD 6-88)
  • Honeywell Aerospace MIL-PRF-680 qualifications (Type I)
  • Lockheed Martin STP57-201, Rev. H Cleaning of Carbon & Low Alloy Steels (EPS G41.14) (MIL-PRF -680B supersedes P-D-680)
  • Pratt & Whitney PMC 9045, POP-350 Cleaning / Degreasing of metallic engine hardware using a hand wiping application.
  • United Services – United Airlines SOL3001-1
  • Rolls Royce CSS 267 (BS 245)
  • Testing completed: ASTM F-1110 ASTM F-483.ASTM F-945,ASTM D-130, ASTM D-1296, ASTM D- 1353.ASTM D3257,ASTM D1353

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