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Evolve Ch-15 is an aerospace approved high flash point odorless general-purpose hydrocarbon-based cold and manual wipe cleaning solvent.

Evolve CH-15 removes oils, greases, shop soils and related general contamination from all types of metal. It also removes oils and greases from most plastics and polymers without compatibility issues.


  • Odorless, enhancing worker comfort and ease of use
  • High solvency for greases and oils, equivalent to TCE
  • High Occupational Exposure Limit (provisional 300 ppm, 8hr TWA)
  • Evaporates completely without leaving residues
  • Conversion of cold cleaning existing equipment to use Evolve CH-15 is simple
  • The use of cleaning solvents with flash points below 40°C for cold cleaning are not recommended
  • Simple to distill and recycle
  • Long (36 month) shelf-life

FAQ: What is the difference between Evolve CH-10 and Evolve CH-15?

Answer: CH-10 and CH-15 are similar products; however, CH-10 has a 58°C flash point while CH-15 has a 42°C flash point.  With the higher flash point, CH-10 is classified as nonflammable for storage and handling.  With the lower flash point, CH-15 evaporates (dries) more quickly than CH-10.  Nevertheless, the 42°C flash point is still above 40°C, which means it is not rated as highly flammable, and thus an excellent replacement for low flash point solvents such as acetone, alcohol or MPK.

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