Perchloroethylene (Perklone)

PERKLONE™ MD – Degreasing products, Aerospace Approved & ASTM confirmed of: Perchloroethylene PCE (branded product PERKLONE™ MD)

PERKLONE™ D & DX PLUS – Dry-cleaning / Laundry grades of: Perchloroethylene PCE (branded product PERKLONE™ D & DX PLUS)

PERKLONE™ EXT – Refinery grade – Perklone EXT (Isoform; Isomerization Grade; Catalyst; Refinery Grade): Perchloroethylene PCE (branded product PERKLONE™ EXT )

Following the closure earlier this year of INEOS ChlorVinyls’ Perchloroethylene plant in Runcorn, UK, we are pleased to confirm that INEOS ChlorVinyls and Samuel Banner & Co. Ltd have agreed a Sales and Marketing Agreement for PERKLONE™.

Perklone™ D – Perchloroethylene dry cleaning grade sells also now in small cans (10Lt, 20Lt, 200Lt & bulk quantities available).

Perklone™ MD – Metal degreasing grade.

Perklone™ EXT – High purity, low stabiliser catalyst regeneration grade / conforms to UOP isomerisation process approval specification.

More Information about Perchloroethylene

Perchloroethylene is a chemical which is manufactured to be used in a wide range of commodities including stain removal, adhesives, metal degreasing products and the manufacturing industry. Perchloroethylene is a man-made substance and is an extremely effective non-flammable solvent used in industrial dry-cleaning.

Our Perchloroethylene Distribution Service

We can offer a number of solutions depending on your needs. We offer 3 Perklone products, varying in purity, all manufactured for different areas of speciality. For more information about our solutions and price packages please call us on 01928 597 000.

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“Banner investment on the Middlesbrough site demonstrated their commitment to the industry. Being a chemical company ourselves, we look at them as industry partners and benefit from buying from them.”

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