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PERKLONE™ EXT是英国班纳化工的注册商标



  • Perklone EXT (ICI Perklone EXT)
  1. PerkloneTM EXT / 英力士 Perklone EXT / 催化剂级 (四氯乙烯 /全氯乙烯)
  2. PerkloneTM EXT (全氯乙烯/ 四氯乙烯/ PCE/ C2Cl4)


Perchloroethylene PCE ( 我们的品牌产品 PERKLONE™ EXT )


  • PERKLONE™ 是注册商标, 由英国班纳化工独家供应。
  • PERKLONE™EXT 是已在英国生产了多年的成熟产品。
  • PERKLONE™EXT 最初是由帝国化学工业供应,其后由英力士,现今由英国班纳化工独家供应。

分子质量 165.8


化学分子式: CCl2=CCl2



四氯乙烯 (也称作PCE,或全氯乙烯)


  • PERKLONE™EXT 是用于炼油催化剂再生的一个特殊级别的四氯乙烯
  • 我们向全世界多家炼油厂提供 PERKLONE™EXT,包括一些世界上最大的炼油厂。并向所有主要深海港口配送。


  • 环境管理体系 ISO 14001:2004
  • 质量管理体系 ISO 9001:2008
  • 综合管理登记 PAS 99:2006
  • H&S 职业管理体系 OHSAS 18001:2007
  • 欧洲单一评估文档 (ESAD II)
  • 完全致力于Responsible Care ®
  • 产品拥有REACH 管理注册
  • 通过UOP环球石油产品批准


  • Samuel Banner & Co Ltd 拥有150多年在化学产业的经验
  • Samuel Banner & Co 是英国班纳化工集团的一部分,也是2M集团的一部分
  • 英国班纳化工(Banner Chemicals) 与 帝国化学工业/英力士(INEOS/ ICI) 在2009年共同达成协议,由英国班纳化工接管英力士的产品.
  • 从此之后,英国班纳化工独家制造 PERKLONE™EXT,并成为全世界客户满意的生产商及供应商。
  • 英国班纳化工是 PERKLONE™EXT在全球范围的独家生产商和制造商。

PERKLONE™ EXT is registered trademarks

Supplied GOBALLY and EXCLUSIVELY by Banner Chemicals UK

Product name


  1. PERKLONETM EXT / ICI Perklone TM EXT ( Catalyst / Isomerization / Refinery Grade)
  2. PERKLONETM EXT (Perchloroethylene / Tetrachloroethylene / PCE/ C2Cl4)

Banner Chemicals UK happy to offer their UK most unique product of:

Perchloroethylene PCE (Our branded product PERKLONE™ EXT)

Product Information

  • PERKLONE™ is a registered trademark, supplied EXCLUSIVELY by Banner Chemicals UK
  • PERKLONETM EXT is a well-established product and has been produced in the UK for many years.
  • PERKLONETM EXT was originally produced by ICI (Imperial Chemical Industries) and later by INEOS, now by Banner Chemicals UK.

Molecular Mass 165.8

CAS Number 127-18-4

Chemical Formula: CCl2=CCl2 (C2Cl4)

Catalyst grade Perchloroethylene

Isomerization grade Perchloroethylene)

Perchloroethylene (also known as Tetrachloroethylene or PCE)


  • PERKLONETM EXT is a special grade of Perchloroethylene for use in the regeneration of oil refining catalysts.
  • We have supplied PERKLONETM EXT to most refineries to worldwide, including to some of the world’s largest oil refineries. With delivery to all major deep-sea ports.

Quality & Safety control

  • Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004
  • Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008
  • Integrated Management Registration PAS 99:2006
  • Occupational H&S Management System OHSAS 18001:2007
  • European Single Assessment Document (ESAD II)
  • Fully committed to Responsible Care ®
  • REACH registration
  • UOP Fully Universal Oil Products (UOP) approved

Company Information

  • Samuel Banner & Co Ltd has over 150 years of experience in the chemical industry.
  • Samuel Banner & Co is part of the Banner Chemicals Group UK and part of 2M Group of companies.
  • Banner Chemicals agreement with INEOS/ ICI came into force on July 2009, when Banner Chemicals took over INEOS production.
  • Ever since Banner Chemicals UK has been the only producer and supplier of PERKLONE™ EXT to many satisfied customers all over the world.
  • PERKLONE™ EXT is registered trademarks, supplied GOBALLY and EXCLUSIVELY by Banner Chemicals UK