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Packed Chlorine

Packed Chlorine Ltd operates from the UK’s only Chlorine production facility at Runcorn in Cheshire supplying liquid and gaseous chlorine packed in cylinders and drums.

As a halogen Chlorine is a highly efficient disinfectant and is added to public water supplies to kill disease causing pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses and protozoan’s, that commonly grow in water supply reservoirs, on the walls of mains water pipes and in water storage tanks.

Chlorine was first used to successfully disinfect drinking water in 1879 and widespread water chlorination followed soon after in the early 1900’s. The adoption of widespread water Chlorination was a huge success leading to the near extinction of many diseases such as Cholera, Typhoid Fever and Dysentery and has saved countless lives since its introduction.

A range of industrial applications for Chlorine are also supported and supplied from the Runcorn production facility.

We operate a secure and flexible supply chain to ensure product is available for immediate call off and delivered by dedicated delivery vehicles and specially trained drivers.

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