Banner Chemicals Offers Precision Cleaning Solutions products at MACH 2016

MACH 2016

The PCS Team: (left to right) Dawn Snell, John Struthers, Thomas Lees, Kul Sappal and Amman Sappal

BIRMINGHAM NEC – During the week of April 11th 2016, the Precision Cleaning Solutions (PCS) group from Banner Chemicals joined MACH 2016, the largest manufacturing and engineering exhibition in the UK. Banner Chemicals was offering the UK’s widest variety of alternative vapour degreasing solvents including Perklone MD, Samsol MC, Samsol RA, Solvex HD, and EnSolv nPB.

Banner also introduced Honeywell Solstice Performance Fluid (PF), which is a highly effective vapour degreasing solution that is non-flammable, has favourable toxicity properties and an extremely low global warming potential.

IMG_0456                     MACH 2016

The Banner stand was busy all week with visits by engineers from the aerospace, medical manufacturing, electronics and precision metal industries, all looking for the types of innovative industrial cleaning solutions that are available from the PCS team by contacting


Posted 28 April 2016