Vapour Degreasing Solvents

Vapour Degreasing cleaning boils solvents and uses cold coils or vacuum to keep the vapour from escaping from the equipment. The boiling and vapour creation allow the process to continually distil and clean the solvent so near 100% clean solvent is used for the final rinse, which allows for perfectly clean surfaces.

Because the solvent is being boiled for safety from explosion, vapour-degreasing solvents should not have flash points. Thus, all solvents used for vapour degreasing are halogens based on Chlorine, Bromine or Fluorine.

Banner Chemicals offer all three types of halogenated solvents. We offer a wider variety of vapour degreasing solvents than any other manufacturer/ supplier. While other suppliers will to fit your process to their solvent, Banner will assist you to choose the vapour degreasing solvent that best fits your cleaning, regulatory, health, safety and cost requirements from our wide variety of vapour-degreasing solvents.

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