Wax is used for several manufacturing applications. In the plating industry microcrystalline wax is used to selectively mask areas prior to plating. This masking wax is used in various metal finishing applications including the aerospace industry where it is most commonly used on engine and landing gear components. After plating is finished, the wax must be removed. Banner chemicals has a variety of plating wax removal solvents.

Another industry were wax is used extensively is glass manufacturing.  This includes bottle manufacturing where the external surface is coated with polyethylene wax to protect the surface of the glass and prevent scuffing between bottles. It also include lens manufacturing in which wax or pitch may be used polishing, temporary adhesion, blocking, mounting and temporary protective coatings.

Banner Chemicals has wax removal solvents for the plating industry, the glass industry and other industries.  This includes aerospace approved dewaxing products such as Samsol Dewax.

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