Adblue Producer CleanAirBlue™

The CleanAirBlue® system provides a complete AdBlue® Product Range in convenient packages and backed-up by a full technical support network.

We offer the expertise of UK-based manufacturing and provide a first class product with the very best customer service.

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PERKLONE™ EXT (Catalyst grade / refineries applications / Isomerization grade)

PERKLONE™ EXT (Tetrachloroethylene /Perchloroethylene)

PERKLONE™ EXT (our branded product ICI Perklone EXT ; UOP approved product )

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Solvents Business Unit

With its extensive range of Oxygenated and Hydrocarbon fluids in variable bulk & pack options, all available from our own storage facilities and supported by leading global petrochemical manufacturers, the Solvents business safely meets the high-level expectations of our expanding customer base throughout the UK, and beyond.

Adding value to customer and supplier business partners, our associated range of bespoke, confidential services includes toll-manufacturing, blending, packing, own-labelling, consignment stock and sample management, plus export documentation, product sourcing, laboratory support and formulation/technical/regulatory advice.

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Tank Hire, Blending & Mixing

MP Storage & Blending have built a first class reputation for toll blending, contract packing and bulk liquid storage, by providing customers with flexible solutions to a wide range of outsourcing needs. With a UK and International customer base across a wide range of the Chemical and Process industries, we can provide short term contingency support through to fully integrated supply chain management.

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CASEPL – Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, Elastomers, Polymers & Lubricants

Offering an extensive portfolio of raw materials for the Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, Elastomers (CASE), Polymers and Lubricants markets.

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Aerospace Approvals

Banner can supply a variety of Aerospace approved products covering all specifications required by major manufacturers; most commonly Triklone and Perklone. See below for a comprehensive list of approved products.

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Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals

With a long history of supply and service into the pharmaceutical sector, Banner Chemicals and sister company, Surfachem Limited, carry a wide range of solvents, intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients from UK stock.

Products available for prompt despatch from our UK sites, with appropriate batch traceability.

Our storage, blending and handling sites are available for customer and supplier audits, fostering solid and secure business partnerships.

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Pigment Dispersion, Development & Formulation

Banner Chemicals supplies an extensive range of pigment dispersions, with suitability for a wide variety of end uses. The list is endless, and we aim to supply any requested industry standard from the Colour Index (CI System). We also have the capabilities to customize colours to specific requirements.

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Precision Cleaning Solutions

Precision Cleaning Solutions provides a comprehensive range of modern, environmentally friendly solvents and chemical formulations designed specifically to provide precise component cleaning technologies for the challenging demands of todays advanced manufacturing industries.

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Banner Chemicals are on a mission to help lead change in the print industry on its journey to net-zero by offering a range of sustainable alternatives to existing solvent technologies.

By leveraging our extensive supplier network and footprint we are able to offer an exciting range of bio-based solvent alternatives to conventional printing and cleaning solvents that can be customized to your needs.

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Specialty Chemicals

A complete range of raw materials for the Coatings, Inks, Adhesives and related Industries.

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Surface Coatings

A comprehensive offering of raw materials for all types of surface coatings.

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Trichloroethylene, Perchloroethylene & Methylene Chloride

Banner Chemicals UK supply GLOBALLY and EXCLUSIVELY of all grades of PERKLONE™ (PCE, Perchloroethylene) and TRIKLONE™ (TCE, Trichloroethylene), including TRIKLONE-LE and TRIKLONE-N and PERKLONE-D, PERKLONE-MD and PERKLONE-EXT.

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Water Treatment

The Specialty Chemisals Division offers a number of key materials for the municipal and boiler water treatment industries including oxygen and acid scavengers, corrosion inhibitors, foam control agents and biocides.

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Environmentally friendly Anti-Corrosive protection.

Pigmentan – magnesium oxy amino phosphate complexes – anticorrosive pigments

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MEC™ Prime

MEC™-Prime – Prime Methylene Chloride, High purity, Pharmaceutical grade and Precision Cleaning product, offered by Banner Chemicals UK – the world’s Sole Owner of Triklone & Perklone products

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Vapour degreasing solvent meeting ASTM specifications aerospace approved

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Introducing BannerSolve®

Discover our new range of specially formulated solvent blends designed for the following industries:

– Adhesives & Sealants
– Automotive
– Coatings
– Cosmetic & Personal Care
– Degreasing
– Gas & Oilfield
– Household & Industrial Cleaning
– Inks
– Lubricants
– Printing


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