Waste Management

Banner Chemicals UK provides a unique web based automated quotation system to help its customers dispose of their waste via authorised waste management companies.

Banner Chemicals has joined forces with: Innovative Waste Management (IWM) Ltd UK.

We can offer a wide range of services, providing tailored and balanced solutions for waste management requirements.

By linking to Banner Chemicals UK & IWM website, customers can view a brief description on each of the disposal processes employed, examples of the types of waste typically routed through them, and Case Studies detailing disposal methods that were used in order to provide complete solutions for our customers.

As previously advised, the new Hazardous Waste Regulations came into force on July 17th 2005. If you are a producer of hazardous waste, you need to know your legal obligations under this Act and the impact it is likely to have on your business. The principal changes wrought are as follows:- Notification of Premises to Environment Agency – you need to register with the EA as a producer of hazardous waste. If you fail to register you commit an offence and will not be able to legally dispose of your waste. We highly recommend that you register now – if you would like Boxclever to register your premises please return the previously issued registration form (also available as a download below) as soon as possible.

Registered Hazardous Waste Producers are liable to summary inspection by the EA (which has the power to issue spot fines for breaches of the Regulations). The mixing of hazardous wastes is prohibited – including mixing with non-hazardous. The consignee for your hazardous wastes is required to supply you with a written report detailing the ultimate disposal of your waste types together with a copy of the fully completed consignment note. You are obliged to make sure you receive this report and keep the record available for inspection.

The consignee for your hazardous waste is charged with collecting statutory charges for the EA and reporting all hazardous waste transfers by waste type. This is a substantial task and administrative charges will be increased.

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