Samsol EC-121 semi-aqueous defluxer

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Samsol EC-121 semi-aqueous defluxer is a blend of surfactants, aliphatic esters, and propylene glycol ethers. The semi-aqueous cleaning technique involves a solvent cleaning step, followed by hot water rinse and drying cycles.

Samsol EC-121 removes a wide variety of eutectic and lead free flux residues. It is excellent for cleaning after high temperature reflow and for removing any charred-on solder paste flux residues. Samsol EC-121 is ideal for medical, military and avionic defluxing and other applications where there is a requirement for high reliability microelectronic circuit boards and components.

Product benefits include: Excellent solvency for difficult to remove flux residues. Reduces process time and eliminates white residues. High flux loading so it can be used for a long time without changing the solvent bath. Very high flash point (121ºC) so it can safely be used at elevated temperatures. Low vapour pressure, which results in very low solvent emissions. Low odour. Halogen-free and RoHS compliant. Also removes resin-based waxes used in optics manufacturing.

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