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Banner is a chemical company. While we do not manufacture industrial cleaning equipment, we want our precision cleaning products to be used in the cleaning equipment that optimizes the performance of our solvents.  Thus our cleaning experts work closely with the best industrial cleaning equipment manufacturers in the world.

Banner can provide expert advice on how to improve your current equipment or we can assist you to choose the best equipment for your cleaning process.  We can also provide equipment/solvent combinations that save money.

Banner can assist with:

  • Vapor Degreasers
  • Co-solvent Vapor Degreasers
  • Bi-solvent Vapor Degreasers
  • Drying Systems
  • Aqueous In-line Spray Cleaning Equipment
  • Aqueous Batch Spray Equipment
  • Aqueous Immersion Cleaning Equipment
  • Semi-Aqueous Cleaning  Equipment
  • Solvent Immersion Cleaning Equipment
  • Cleaning Stations
  • Ultrasonic Equipment
  • Distillation Equipment
  • And more

Please contact Banner for more information on industrial cleaning equipment.

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“Banner investment on the Middlesbrough site demonstrated their commitment to the industry. Being a chemical company ourselves, we look at them as industry partners and benefit from buying from them.”

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