Perchloroethylene (Perklone)

PERKLONE™ MD – Degreasing products, Aerospace Approved & ASTM confirmed of: Perchloroethylene PCE (branded product PERKLONE™ MD)

PERKLONE™ D & DX PLUS – Dry-cleaning / Laundry grades of: Perchloroethylene PCE (branded product PERKLONE™ D & DX PLUS)

PERKLONE™ EXT – Refinery grade – Perklone EXT (Isoform; Isomerization Grade; Catalyst; Refinery Grade): Perchloroethylene PCE (branded product PERKLONE™ EXT )

Following the closure earlier this year of INEOS ChlorVinyls’ Perchloroethylene plant in Runcorn, UK, we are pleased to confirm that INEOS ChlorVinyls and Samuel Banner & Co. Ltd have agreed a Sales and Marketing Agreement for PERKLONE™.

Perklone™ D – Perchloroethylene dry cleaning grade sells also now in small cans (10Lt, 20Lt, 200Lt & bulk quantities available).

Perklone™ MD – Metal degreasing grade.

Perklone™ EXT – High purity, low stabiliser catalyst regeneration grade / conforms to UOP isomerisation process approval specification.

More Information about Perchloroethylene

Perchloroethylene is a chemical which is manufactured to be used in a wide range of commodities including stain removal, adhesives, metal degreasing products and the manufacturing industry. Perchloroethylene is a man-made substance and is an extremely effective non-flammable solvent used in industrial dry-cleaning.

Our Perchloroethylene Distribution Service

We can offer a number of solutions depending on your needs. We offer 3 Perklone products, varying in purity, all manufactured for different areas of speciality. For more information about our solutions and price packages please call us on 01928 597 000.

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“We called for product on Friday morning and in the afternoon delivery was made to the offshore rig supply point. This is the only way we can operate in the demanding oilfield business.”

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