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Applications for:

Degreasing (Metal Cleaning)

Dry Cleaning



Chlorinated solvents of:

TRIKLONE (Trichloroethylene, TCE)

PERKLONE (Perchloroethylene, PCE)

Degreasing (Metal Cleaning):

TRIKLONE (Trichloroethylene)

PERKLONE MD (Perchloroethylene MD)

Dry Cleaning:

PERKLONE D (Perchloroethylene D)

Refinery products UOP (Universal Oil Products) approved:

PERKLONE EXT (Perchloroethylene EXT)

Oilfield Fluids used in:

Drilling Fluids

Completion Fluids

Workover Fluids

Oilfield products include:

Calcium Chloride CaCl2

Potassium Formate HCOOK

Sodium Bromide NaBr

Foam Control


“We called for product on Friday morning and in the afternoon delivery was made to the offshore rig supply point. This is the only way we can operate in the demanding oilfield business.”

Oilfield service company buyer