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Applications for:

Degreasing (Metal Cleaning)

Dry Cleaning



Chlorinated solvents of:

TRIKLONE (Trichloroethylene, TCE)

PERKLONE (Perchloroethylene, PCE)

Degreasing (Metal Cleaning):

TRIKLONE (Trichloroethylene)

PERKLONE MD (Perchloroethylene MD)

Dry Cleaning:

PERKLONE D (Perchloroethylene D)

Refinery products UOP (Universal Oil Products) approved:

PERKLONE EXT (Perchloroethylene EXT)

Oilfield Fluids used in:

Drilling Fluids

Completion Fluids

Workover Fluids

Oilfield products include:

Calcium Chloride CaCl2

Potassium Formate HCOOK

Sodium Bromide NaBr

Foam Control


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