Vapour Degreasers

A Vapour degreaser is equipment used for an industrial cleaning process or for an industrial drying process.

This equipment boils solvents and uses cold coils or vacuum to keep the vapour from escaping from the equipment. The boiling and vapour creation allow the process to continually distil and clean the solvent so near 100% clean solvent is used for the final rinse, which allows for perfectly clean surfaces.

Vapour Degreasing cleaning processes also have other advantages:

  • Waterless cleaning which avoids rust and oxidation.
  • Short cleaning cycle.
  • Parts emerge from the vaper degreasing equipment completely dry.
  • The solvents used flow easily through the parts allowing for every nook and cranny to be perfectly cleaned.
  • The high specific gravity of the solvents is excellent for particulate removal.
  • The equipment footprint is very small and the equipment is self-contained. No water in or out plumbing is necessary.

The major problem with vapour degreasing is that poorly designed vapour degreasers become expensive to operate and allow vaper to escape which damages the environment and can cause health issues for employees.

These problems can be completely avoided by investing in high quality equipment designed to meet a specific cleaning process. When using proper high-quality equipment, vapour degreasing will provide the best cleaning results at running costs that are less expensive than aqueous cleaning or simple solvent immersion cleaning systems.

Banner Chemicals has been selling vapour-degreasing solvents for decades and we will provide excellent technical support for both the equipment and solvents to fit your cleaning requirements.

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