Pharmaceutical Products

Banner Chemicals UK provides customers with a portfolio of products that can be used in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Products can be supplied both within the UK and globally.

We can offer the following:

Vehicle clean out certificates

Single Pot Tankers for bulk deliveries

Bespoke pack sizes from full bulk tankers down to 25 litre cans

Certificate of Analysis

Supplier Audits

Samples for R&D purposes

Banner Chemicals are currently working in conjunction with several major UK Pharmaceutical companies

Banner Chemicals UK is an authorised distributor for the following principals/suppliers:

Celanese Chemicals Ltd

Dow Chemical Company Limited

HELM Great Britain Limited

Sasol Solvents

Products in this Application:

“We called for product on Friday morning and in the afternoon delivery was made to the offshore rig supply point. This is the only way we can operate in the demanding oilfield business.”

Oilfield service company buyer