Chemical Supplier
Chemical Supplier
Chemical Supplier

Trading since 1860 Banner Chemicals are a leading chemical distributor & supplier of bulk & packaged chemicals.

Trichloroethylene alternative, toll manufacturing, formulating, packaging, blending, oil-field chemicals; oxygenated, hydrocarbon and chlorinated solvents (perchloroethylene, trichloroethylene).

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Trichloroethylene Perchloroethylene

Perchloroethylene & trichloroethylene

Samuel Banner will continue to supply all grades of PERKLONEā„¢ (PCE,Perchloroethylene) and TRIKLONEā„¢ (TCE,Trichloroethylene) previously supplied by INEOS ChlorVinyls, including TRIKLONE-LE and TRIKLONE-N and PERKLONE-D, PERKLONE-MD, and PERKLONE-EXT.

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